PhotosMadeEz is an Award winning Boutique Wedding Photography and Cinematography studio creating memories. A full service studio based out of New Jersey, PhotosMadeEz offers Photography, Cinematography and Photo Booth to our South Asian, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, West Indian and mainstream American Wedding Industry doing destination weddings all over the world. We've a whole crew of enthusiastic photojournalist across the world as we seek to metamorphose the world of photography into the picturesque jazzy vision of our terrene.

As shutterbugs, we shoot weddings in broadcasting style. We believe that we should be the one's capturing charismatic moments instead of interfering & drawing attention towards the ceremony or the reception or barking in during the ceremony. Our fashioning approaches to photography will give you the perfect wedding capsule where you look great no less than a movie star.

The unique blend of traditional and the out of the box Non Posed Photo Journalism in both Photography and Videography makes PhotosMadeEz the Best Wedding Photographers. The owners are always present at the event making sure you get the best service as the person you meet and expect in your wedding will always be with you providing guidance and vision ever since the day you meet her for consultation.

When the reality of marriage doesn't meet our expectations, we tend to expect a fairy tale. We try to make this fairy tale a reality through the colorful vibes of happiness and camera. Choose PhotosMadeEz, choose your fairy-tale, and we'll be there to make it even more special.