Engagement Photoshoot at Longwood Gardens – Claire and Ritam

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When Claire and Ritam booked us back in 2019 for their Wedding at The Merion, Cinnaminson, in 2021, little did we know how 2020 will be. It was supposed to be all fun of wedding planning, shopping. Claire and Ritam being first responders (Thank You), put the wedding planning in the back burner and took care of the immediate needs. Slowly and steadily, we are three days from their wedding.  All their efforts have paid off. We can see the end of the terror. Now its time to concentrate on them.



This future bride and groom met at the Hospital where Ritam was a neurosurgery resident and Claire was working in the operating room as a nurse. They were introduced to each other through a mutual friend.  “We knew we had a special relationship from the first dinner. Conversation flowed easily and we stayed at the dinner for hours and hours longer than expected”.  Why are we not surprised!!!

Ritam says he loves Claire’s Big Heart. She always puts her family and friend’s interests before hers and is the most generous person he has ever met. The Bride to be Claire when asked how did she know that he is the one, said, “Ritam is extremely level headed, kind and calm.  He puts my needs and those of his family and friends far above his own.  He encourages me on a daily basis to do what I love and always knows the exact right thing to say to make me feel better.  He is the hardest working person I know and manages to be the most fun person in any room”.

What was the proposal like?

Ritam took Claire to dinner to the restaurant where they had their first date. While desert was coming out, he had a violinist play her favorite song and he got down on one knee. After she said yes, they went back to their apartment where he had prepared a surprise engagement party with all of their closest family and friends!

This couple has decided on having a Bengali Hindu Ceremonyand a Christian Ceremony. When asked why, they said:  

We each came from different backgrounds and different cultures. We wanted to highlight both cultures in a fusion ceremony and this is why we wanted to have two different ceremonies so we could highlight the joining of our families and backgrounds in one beautiful union. 

We cant tell you how much fun we had doing your Engagement Photos at the Longwood Gardens. They strolled through the gardens, danced in front of the beautiful fountains and laughed.  Covid has made everything so difficult. The photoshoot was like a fresh breath of much needed air. Sending our best wishes to these love birds. Can’t wait to photograph your wedding.



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