Farihah & Misho’s Engagement at Coney Island by PhotosMadeEz

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Hello from PhotosMadeEz, Where we Capture Smiles, One shot at a time.
After the extended NY winter this was a tailor made sunny day with beautiful clouds splattered across the blue sky. It’s the kind of day that would inspire any photographer to go out and give their best. But then when we saw Farihah and Misho walking towards us… we got CHARGED. Farihah dressed in a beautiful red sari and Misho in a grey suit looked every bit like movie stars (almost like Brad and Angie in Mr.& Mrs. Smith) straight from a magazine cover. It seemed like they were walking in slow motion towards us!!! Sanjana Vaswani had done Farihah’s make up that morning.. and what can I say Farihah dazzled. Another great job by the SV Bridal Concepts.

Coney Island was the choice of place for this Engagement Session. The couple were so natural that  somebody walked up to us and asked if the lady being shot is a Bollywood actress and wanted to know if a Bollywood movie is being shot here!!!!! I almost said YESSSS.

From our first meeting we had decided that this wedding will be all about candid, photo journalistic shots. This Preshoot was the preamble to that. Unlike all other Pre Engagement Shoots in Coney Island we didn’t shoot in front of the big Nathans. We wanted to go non traditional – saree is non traditional for a board walk isnt it? Farihah and Misho were enjoying themselves oblivious to the fact that a photo shoot was going on. We were not posing them. They simply were having fun. It seemed more like they were on a date.

Next stop was the beach of course. Suddenly the Wind picked speed and it soon turned into one of those days when the sun shines hot and wind blows cold. Farihah was a complete sport and did not seem to mind the cold and climbed across the rocks with her heels on. Misho was quick to lend the support every time she needed it.. Click click click…. oh dont we love these moments. The clouds provided the perfect background to the bright colored rocks and it resulted in wonderful shots.

Farihah changed into a black dress and we started the photoshoot at the carousel – Farihah’s favorite spot. This time an old man walked up to me and asked if a Prince is visiting and I said, yes, he is the prince of Bangladesh. Misho looked very handsome in the grey suit and the confidence he exuded, no doubt, made people think that he is a prince. All of us had a good laugh about this.

The last change for Farihah was a yellow dress. At this point she was almost stomping her feet for ice cream. You cant be on a board walk and not have ice cream and waffle fries. When we saw how much she loves ice cream we decide this has to be immortalized – hence the photo of her Engagement Ring on the ice cream cone. They were like kids riding all kinds of rides and having a very very good time. And PhotosMadeEz was having a good just capturing it.

So who says doctors are reserved, nerdy and terribly boring? These doctors are wonderful, fun loving couple with a great attitude. It was such a pleasure shooting this lovely couple. Eagerly eagerly waiting for the Holud at Chateau Briand and the Wedding at the VIP Country Club.

Enjoy the Photos!