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Hello from PhotosMadeEz, Where we Capture Smiles, One shot at a time.

“It’s not the photographer that makes the picture, but the person being photographed.” – Sebastiao Salgado
An involved bride helps the planning process better, and helps us get better shots with a personal touch. One of the most anticipated sections of a PhotosMadeEz wedding portfolio is the one with the “getting ready” photos. These are some of our best shots, capturing all the eagerness, anxiety, smiles and the hustle-bustle leading up to the various ceremonies and rituals of a wedding.
PhotosMadeEz delivers a set of photographs that convey the excitement and sentiments in vivid definition, of the moments when the bride and groom get ready to embark on their new journey.

Having a Shera Bandi? Please put the Shera in nice basket/plate. We will take care of the rest.

As much as we love the makeup artists & hairdressers, who do such a wonderful job, it’s always a good idea to have the bridesmaids/groomsmen and family members in the getting ready shots. Having your family and friends present gives the photos a more personal look. However, anybody helping the bride or groom getting ready should be fully dressed ready to be photographed.

Having a “first look” with Dad or “Mom” is an amazing idea. 

When Dad sees his little girl dressed as a bride it emulates emotions which cant be recreated…a perfect photo jouranalistic moment for PhotosMadeEz. Schedule a time with your parents .. let them see the Bride alone! 

 • Bride’s Dress must be on a wooden hanger to avoid crease. Want to Personalize it? Awesome.

• Shoes – The most important accessory. Bring on what you think is “you”. If you are using a shoe which you have worn in the past, please ensure its clean. Ladies, don’t think your groom does not have interest in shoes.

• Bouquet: You chose a lot of time in choosing your flower, don’t stick it away somewhere. Keep it ready so that we can photograph it right away.

• Invitation: Have the Invitation ready for us please. 

• Rings and Jewelry: Need to be photographed before you wear, so have them ready for us.

• Chura: The Chura in a nice dish immersed in milk looks much better than in a torn cardbox box.

• Mangalsutra /Talli :  Have it ready for us before we arrive. A very important part of your wedding, please have it ready for us.

Its always a nice idea not to pin the veil/dupatta till we have already photographed you. You could be wearing something which would have got hidden by the dupatta. Lets pin it after a round of photos.

Instead of wearing pajamas, wear a white satin top. It is a better look and gives the bride an added glow. You are the “Bride” show it off.  Did you get something which says “Bride” on your Shower? Keep it around. We can surely incorporate it.

The room should preferably be clutter-free and clean.  Please store your suitcases somewhere else.
When booking your bridal suite, request for a window facing the sun. Natural Light is soft, creates the best photos whatsoever.

Lets enjoy some alone time.. Wear some of your jewelry yourself, enjoy it.. Dont forget to smile. Enjoy the photos.

Lets make a list of all that is needed for the Getting Ready Photos. Not everything is applicable to all the weddings. It will vary based on the part of India the Bride/Groom’s parents are.

 Bride’s Room:
  1. Invitation
  2. All the rings (Bride and Groom plus Engagement)
  3. Mangalsutra / Talli
  4. Bridal Bouquet 
  5. Bride’s Shoes.
  6. Lahenga on Hanger.
  7. Newspaper from that Day.
  8. Sindoor 
  9. Gachkouto, Topor – Mukut, Pan Pata (Betel leaves) for Bengali Wedding.
 Groom’s Room:
  1. Sherwani on Hanger.
  2. Paag/Pagdi
  3. Groom’s Shoes.
  4. Shera for Punjabi Wedding
Now that we are all set, Lets Do It. 
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