Megha & Hemal’s Engagement Session in Washington DC by PhotosMadeEz

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Hello, from PhotosMadeEz, where we Capture smiles, One Shot at a time.
This time PhotosMadeEz, was at Washington DC with another beautiful Gujarati couple – Megha and Hemal’s Wedding is exactly a year away –  Memorial Day 2015 of. Megha is from Virginia and Hemal is from good old New York – another “two state” romance :). Their engagement session was in various parts of Washington DC. The photo shoot started from Georgetown University where the couple explored the magnificent European architecture captured in the photographs. Megha had an amazing selection of clothes with a lot of different colors.  Hemal and Megha got all kinds of props we can think of. Who says guys don’t get involved in wedding planning???? They had a banner with their date on it, had initials, had umbrella and the list goes on. Together they wrote their wedding date on a brick wall….awwww. We, at PhotosMadeEz always look for the not obvious place. Although Georgetown has a beautiful campus we ventured out to look what else can we do to get the out of the box photos. And never have we been disappointed. We found a place with houses right next to each other. We cdn’t let that go. We jumped into action.
In the evening we all headed towards Grand Central Station in DC and shot numerous photos of the couple with the Capital Hill in the background. Later Megha changed into a traditional Indian anarkali and Hemal into a crisp very well tailored suit for their next set of photographs. We even had a Vespa scooter to match out theme. Megha – Hemal stopped traffic… literally.. because we were shooting in the middle of the road!!! Amazingly we found a bus wit their wedding date on it 😉 (Photoshop at its best).
Next morning our destination was the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC. We drove around for 90 minutes before we could find a parking spot. But all this wait was well worth. The Cherry Blossom at the Tidal Basin with the Jefferson Memorial and Washington Monument made the perfect background for this beautiful Engagement Shoot.
Interestingly, there’s a funny story hooked to this shoot. One day when PhotosMadeEz was shooting in a ranch, Hemal’s father had called and asked us to photograph his son’s Engagement party at this June. Initially we were reluctant to carry on with the shoot as we already had two weddings to cover that day. But how could we say no to a Bengali speaking Gujarati gentleman? Now we are eagerly looking forward to the Engagement Party at the Pine Crest Country Club  and the Wedding next year at the Springfield Country Club. Thank you South Asian Bridal Magazine for featuring their E Session.
Enjoy the photos.