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Henna, or as we popularly call it ‘Mehndi’ is put on the hands of the bride on a day prior to the wedding. The whole arm up to the elbow is filled with elegant designs and often the name of the to-be-husband is written in the Mehndi. Along with the bride, other female members of the family also apply Mehndi. PhotosMadeEz comes up with the concept of depicting the ritual of Mehndi through its own creativity. PhotosMadeEz tries to ensure that the Mehndi photos are non traditional show casing the bride’s Mehndi in the as many different ways as possible. Wedding accessories are some of the props used to innovatively photograph the bride’s Mehendi. The wedding or engagement ring, latkan, payal, bangles, kalira, mangalsutra, jhumka etc. are wedding accessories we have used in the past. 

The ‘gili mehendi’ which is the henna freshly applied on the bride’s hand actually sets the stage for all the festivities. Lemon juice and sunflower oil is dabbed on the Mehndi so that the color deepens and the designs come up more prominently. We always advice that the bride puts the mehendi a day before her actual Mehndi Night so that she can enjoy the ceremony in stead of sitting the entire evening. Here are some photos from our collection. Don’t forget to check PhotosMadeEzs pinterest board.

Enjoy the photos.