Would strongly recommend Photos Made Ez …

After a lot of searching and research for photography we finalized with PhotosMadeEz after several visits with Mou. From the very start, Mou made us very comfortable, it seemed that we had known her forever and we had no doubt that her work would be amazing just after seeing a few pictures in her studio. From our engagement shoot to our wedding events Mou and her team made our wedding memorable, the preview of pictures we have so far are beyond amazing and cannot wait to see the final results. Would strongly recommend Photos Made Ez for anyone looking for an amazing photographer.

Mehak & Subin

I HIGHLY recommend PhotosMadeEz!! You will not be disappointed!!

Working with Mou from PhotosMadeEz was a god-send. She remembered every photo looked I sent her and worked to capture every special moment of our wedding. The sneak peaks of our photos we’ve seen thus far look AMAZING, I cannot wait to get our photos back. I HIGHLY recommend PhotosMadeEz!! You will not be disappointed.

Ordia & Jermaine

Most beautiful wedding memories ever!!

Mou and the entire PhotosMadeEz team are just incredibly amazing! They were a BIG part of our engagement and wedding planning over a year and had the most creative ideas for making fabulous memories! Creativity, passion and an eye for detail – best describe their work. Very professional and accommodating! Mou went out of her way recommending the best in the industry and made sure we had every resource available for a successful wedding!! I couldn’t have trusted anyone else with the humungous task of capturing every emotion that goes into a wedding with such beauty and grace! Our wedding same day edit was such an amazing work – the video was better than anything I had ever dreamt of! All in all – PhotosMadeEz is the way to go!! Sit back, relax and enjoy your wedding and festivities and rest assured, Team PhotosMadeEz won’t miss a moment to capture ๐Ÿ™‚ Love Mou and the entire Team for everything they did to give me the most beautiful wedding memories ever!!

Megha & Hemal

PhotosMadeEz are absolutely great!!

Mou Mukherjee and PhotosMadeEz are wonderful to work with. Mou made everything so seamless and effortless. The whole team from PhotosMadeEz are absolutely great. They literally disappeared into the background and we never felt they were there. The quality of the pictures is amazing. We highly recommend PhotosMadeEz and Mou. She not only took pictures but held my hand through the vendor selection process..since this was the first wedding in my family. I will most definitely use PhotosMadeEz again and again!!

Suzanne and Amit

Mou is a very thorough and talented!!

Where can I start! The moment my SIL told me about Mou, I had called her right away to ensure she is open for our day. From the moment I talked to her, I knew I wanted her to capture our special day. Through out the planning, My Husband and I have connected with her at friend level more than just a vendor. Mou is a very thorough and talented. She made our pre-wedding and wedding shot out of ordinary and magical. She is always a step ahead and her ideas and ways to capture moments are speechless. Mou, and Ranjoy captured every single moment of our wedding so magically. Only Mou could have executed some of ideas that seemed impossible in our heads, but when looking at pics we are still speechless. My Family was not only in love with her work, but also her work ethics and energy. There are no words to describe how glad and grateful we are with PhotosMadeEz.

Anjali & Triptish

Ton of fun to work with!

I love Mou! She is very professional and her experience really shows. She does not like mundane and takes very unique photos. She’s also a ton of fun to work with!

Kat & Basar

PhotosMadeEz were energetic, organized, professional…

Wow! In this monumental day in your life it is imperative that you select the right photographer/videographer to capture the most precious moments and PhotosMadeEz did just that. Mou, Abhra, and their team at PhotosMadeEz were energetic, organized, professional, and most important to my husband and me, fun! They are more than willing to listen to your suggestions as well as provide their suggestions based on their experience and talent. Mou has no problem taking charge with her creative direction to ensure you get the best shots. Being as popular as they are, PhotosMadeEz made us feel as if we were the only couple on their minds. They donโ€™t just show up to your event. They provide you with all the details and suggestions in advance to help you prepare for the most perfect shots. Their attention to detail is very thorough which in many ways help you stay organized and prepare for your special day. We were very pleased with our decision and highly recommend PhotosMadeEz to capture your big day!

Thanusha and Schuller

I fell in love with her work…

Mou is the BEST Photographer EVER! I fell in love with her work when they shot the wedding of Rishika and Mikey. It was then when she became one of my top photographers. When I got engaged and started planning my wedding, I knew that I wanted the best photographer to capture the most important day of my life. After meeting a couple of different photographers and narrowing it down to my top three; Mou stood out the most, and I knew there was no one else who could do the job. To make things more interesting, my husband and I are from Miami and we planned our wedding in Miami. After several conversations with Mou, it was not up for discussion that we were flying her and her team to document our weekend. After meeting her personally for our engagement pictures, I knew I had made the right choice… The engagement shots she took are beyond words… I fell in love with her!!! She is AWESOME!!! fun to work with, free spirit, sweet and very laid back… we instantly connected. For the wedding she came down with her brother Abhra, Jaya, Indrani and Ronojoy and they are all very special who just happen to do amazing work. They’re not your typical staged uncomfortable portraits they’re pieces of art and that’s what I was looking for in a photographer. She has only allowed me a sneak peak of some of the photos for some of the wedding occasions and those few photos are AMAZING. I can’t wait to see ALL the photos and the Video from all the different occasions. Everyone who has seen the sneak preview is amazed at the creativity of the photos. Not to mention, Mou and her team are great people and fun to hang out with! Wedding pictures and Video are one of the most lasting pieces of the whole event. I would recommend them to anyone! PhotosMadeEz is worth every penny!!!

Ingris & Sanjeet

Pleasure working with Mou and her team!!

It was a pleasure working with Mou and her team. They all kept me laughing the entire day while snapping beautiful pictures. One of the most important things to have during the wedding is a team you can rely on and trust. Mou was not only our wedding photographer but a friend who truly cared about all aspects of the wedding. The pictures were on-line within 24 hours of the wedding and were simply stunning.

Kiran and Josh

Every penny you spend worth it!!

This company does amazing work. They are very helpful and take amazing shots. The work superb and the edited images were amazing. On the wedding day, they were punctual, got all the shots we wanted, and made sure we didn’t get off track. They made sure to keep our families under control so that we could get the shots we wanted. Never did it seem like they were running their own agenda. They were always on our agenda and time-line. Bottom line is, if you want a photographer that will do great work, listen to your needs, and provide amazing customer service (they always answered calls and emails within a day or so) go
with PhotosMadeEz. Photography is always a big cost in weddings and PhotosMadeEz makes every penny you spend worth it.

Brittany & Raymond