Wedding Cake

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Weddings have always been time for fun, frolic and enjoyment for the family. The family keeps no stone unturned to make special arrangements for the couple. Be it the wedding clothes, the accessories, the venue’s decor, the food…every little thing is taken into consideration. On the special day…people enjoy the dance, music and yummy servings…but what acts as the cherry on the cake is the wedding cake itself !!

Cake cutting ceremony was started by the Romans in which the groom would break the flour-baked cake on the bride’s head to denote the end of her virginity and show his husband power over her. As years passed…convenience made the tradition change its style. Now the husband holds the bride’s hand to cut the cake where they look for blessings and a prosperous future. The couple cut the cake and celebrate the joy of their upcoming life. Then they feed each other or even smash the cake on each other’s face. I have no clue as to why people smash cakes. The candid photos of smashing the cake sure is a photo journalist’s delight.

In the Victorian era there were three cakes at a wedding — the wedding cake, which was served to the guests, the groom’s cake, which was served to the groomsmen, and the bride’s cake, which was served to the bridesmaids. The earliest groom’s cakes were actually fruitcakes. Thankfully, fruitcake no longer rules as the flavor of choice, but groom’s cakes are still usually made of dark chocolate with fruit and/or liqueur. The whole point of a wedding cake is, of course, to eat it and enjoy the sugary sweetness. But these cakes are so gorgeous, that it seems like a crime to cut into them. Luckily, we have photos to preserve their beauty long after someone enjoys the last slice.

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