When Azula nonchalantly stated she would end up being planning to Ty Lee’s overall performance later on you to nights, Ty Lee shown distinguished uneasiness

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Azula and you will Ty Lee had a somewhat difficult matchmaking because of the evaluating personalities; when you are Azula is actually imply-demanding, a strategist, daunting and you may socially inept, Ty Lee try warmhearted, amicable, and you can highly public. Even in the event Ty Lee seemed to gain benefit from the princess’ business once they was in fact more youthful, a lot of this lady steps seemed to be positioned in anxiety off Azula once the she increased more mature. [4] Ty Lee fulfilled Azula regarding Royal Fire Academy for girls together with Mai. In their teens, Azula chuckled given that she forced Ty Lee down adopting the latter upstaged the woman in starting several cartwheels and you can somersaults, much so you’re able to Ty Lee’s dised around enjoy a good prank to the Mai and you may Zuko. [12]

Previous ally

Whenever Azula concerned hire the woman for a purpose to recapture Zuko and you may Iroh (and later, Aang), Ty Lee initial refused, claiming she preferred way of life during the Fire Nation circus. For the circus’ show, Azula managed to make it since the risky to have Ty Lee as possible; to such an extent, one to Ty Lee almost faulted when performing an enthusiastic acrobatic stance. After, when Azula told you she try waiting around for the following day’s let you know, Ty Lee rapidly dating Green Singles abandoned the girl quiet existence and you will leftover which have Azula.

Whenever you are Ty Lee, from the one-point, thought about Azula while the a buddy, it absolutely was visible that she formulated a concern with the brand new little princess and is reluctant to disobey the lady. She did actually have significantly more respect for Azula, yet not, in place of Mai. When Azula ordered them to follow the Avatar’s family relations, she continued the newest pursuit, actually jumping on the a channel away from slurry hence Mai would not means. She searched to the fresh new little princess to a certain degree, openly admiring the woman rely on. [1] [5]

Ty Lee did actually love Azula’s opinions regarding this lady and you can most other issues, showcased whenever she instantaneously began weeping shortly after Azula insulted the girl. Azula appeared to worry about the lady pal’s ideas so you can a specific studies, stating genuine remorse on her measures. However, whenever Zuko entitled Ty Lee an excellent “circus nut”, Azula chuckled coldly, comparing her before strategies. [1] Ty Lee ventured on Boiling Stone jail which have Azula and you will fought next to her until Azula unearthed that Mai helped Zuko eliminate. Whenever Mai is caught, Azula prepared to hit the woman off regarding rage. However, Ty Lee chose to block Azula’s chi to store Mai. Azula got him or her closed aside, with Ty Lee providing the girl one last look of defiance before she try recinded. [7]

Including Mai, Ty Lee appeared to don’t have a lot of empathy to have Azula. She failed to explore Azula pursuing the Hundred year Combat ended, as an alternative choosing to move on and you may befriend the brand new Kyoshi Fighters, whom she timely inserted. [8]

As an element of their new lease of life, she was tasked to safeguard Azula and Suki towards Zuko’s demand. When the little princess assaulted the girl aunt, Ty Lee are short so you can chi cut off Azula, making her an excellent scolded matter on the little princess, inquiring the lady whenever “she”, making reference to Ursa, got were able to pull away Ty Lee’s anxiety on her. The chi blocker stated you to Azula made zero experience, though just after she leftover the room, she accepted to Zuko and you will Suki one to Azula was wrong and this she got never ever destroyed this lady concern on woman. Afterwards, whenever Azula always mocked Zuko with his family unit members as they wishing to put over to get a hold of Ursa, Ty Lee scolded Azula to have constantly being mean to people doing the woman. [10] Such attitude into the little princess stayed, due to the fact Ty Lee accepted to help you Mai one to she dreadful because of their protection shortly after discovering that Azula got vanished on the Forgetful Valley. Wondering in the event that Azula nevertheless need revenge for having come deceived, Ty Lee noted to own become incapable of take care of a beneficial “quiet temper”, always examining her landscaping if the princess ever before reemerged. [11]

After, after the fall off Ba Sing Se, Ty Lee returned to the Flame Country. She and you will Azula decided to go to new Boiling Material where it intervened into the a-try of the Zuko and Sokka so you can help save inmates there. Ty Lee failed to individually come upon Sokka, because the she is actually preoccupied which have attacking Suki. However, she appeared a little unfortunate following battle whether or not it checked one Sokka and providers had been gonna slip to their deaths due to the fact of wires of the gondola are slashed. [7]

Ty Lee went on for Mai’s faith, given that she is requested to aid evaluate Kei Lo’s real aim towards The latest Ozai Society and you may find out about Ukano’s plans having overthrowing Zuko. Their friendship was also comfortable enough that they could sound ailment regarding the each other, since Ty Lee berated Mai to possess feigning affection to possess Kei Lo to get him to talk, scolding the lady to be “fake” and you may unethical. [11]